Monday, September 10, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Yum: All Good Bakers Peach Cobbler

Ok folks, this was the Peach Cobbler special at All Good Bakers today! Doesn't it look AMAZING!

Peach Cobbler with Peach/Caramel Semifreddo
In case you're not familiar with All Good Bakers, let me tell you a little bit about them. Nick & Britin Foster and AGB came on to my radar last year when Nick was nominated to be a Rising Star for the 2012 Albany Chefs' Food & Wine Festival. Through the process of vetting them out, I learned a lot about this great couple and their philosophy of bringing their customers "Real, Local, Clean Food".  They are the real deal folks, they totally practice what the preach, and they are just super knowledgeable too. Actually, let me share with you something from their website about their philosophy:


Our dairy is free of rBST, GMOs, hormones & excessive antibiotics; our grains are mostly organic and never genetically modified; produce & cheeses are at least produced under organic (or "beyond organic") practices.  From Spring to late Fall, we source about 90% of our ingredients from vendors at the Saturday Delmar Farmers Market (all of the producers come from within 30 miles and have committed to sustainable production methods). That means the materials we work with have traveled from healthy soil (picked ripe and recently), loaded into our farmers' truck and transferred to our bus at market, straight to the shop about 5 miles away, where we work with what's in season and fresh.  We've spoken at length with each producer as we have gotten to know them over the years, and they all care deeply (as do we) about the same thing:providing clean, ultra-fresh, nutritious and delicious foods to you." ~ All Good Bakers

By the way, in the process of learning about them I also fell madly in love with Nick's Truffle Shuffle which is the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had. Oh and it's made with R& G Cheesemaker's Truffle Falls...need I say more!

And then they also have these incredible vegan cinnamon buns that my son is just absolutely loves:

So I know you're all salivating now, so go stop by and see Nick & Britin at All Good Baker's excellent new storefront at 540 Deleware Ave!

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