Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drink: Robert Mack's Masterful Martini

It happened one night late this summer...It was one of those long unbearable hot days where the stress level had been riding at about a nine and half throughout. I was tired and just slightly miserable, but oh so happy to be home after vacation. As an aside, by home I mean walking into in dp an American Brasserie which I lovingly call my second office. I sat down next to Yono at the end of the bar, waved hello to other fun friends that happened to be in, then finally saying hello to Robert. 

He looks at me quizzically in the way that he does, and asks if it's a Stoli & tonic night or if we're doing wine...yes I know, I'm a little ocd and if it's hot I'm ordering either Tito's or Stoli & Tonic or Sauvignon Blanc, that's just the way it is...I think about it and I spy Yono's frosty martini glass and something just spoke to me. I must have a martini. 

 "A Martini?" says Robert with a cock of the head...this was a total digression for my usual routine. 

"Yes, a vodka martini with a hint of citrus, just nice and smooth please." says I....and then I had that moment that I have with certain chefs where I think, wait a minute this guy is amazing at what he does, why am I  telling him how to make it. So I say to him to just do your thing....

I don't know that I have words to describe the perfection of this cocktail. It was so smooth it tasted like ice water, but it was better than that...kind of like when you're hiking and you take a drink from a really cold stream up mountain and it tastes soft and pure.  That was this cocktail, it was just simply divine. 

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  1. If there is a boozehound version of a "man crush", I have one on Robert- He is far and away THE BEST bartender in all of the CD. His cocktails are always such perfection. So glad to see him getting props!