Friday, September 28, 2012

Do Good: Bake For You's MRE Cookie

Bake for You is doing a special new cookie this weekend at the Farmer's Market. It's called the MRE. In a nut shell it is peanut butter, roasted nuts and M&M's...ummmm, yeah can we say delicious. So then it gets even sweeter, Linda is going to donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of these special cookies to the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause that is near and near to my heart.

So why M &M's you ask...well check this out from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media:
"the real success of M&Ms apparently came when it was issued as part of U.S. service personnel rations because its hard outer shell made of sugar prevented it from melting before being eaten. Soldiers came home eating M&Ms, and its particular appropriateness to all climates was encapsulated in the slogan (coined in 1954): “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth—not in your hand.”M&Ms were not the only chocolate issued to soldiers. The Hershey company, at the request of the army, developed a chocolate ration that would sustain a soldier who had nothing else to eat and could be carried in his pocket unmelted. Throughout the war, Hershey turned out a half million bars a day of “Ration D,” a 4-ounce, 600-calorie chocolate bar."

So other quick reasons why I love my job other than getting awesome info like this...stopping by Bake for You and tasting cookies!:

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  1. I had a B4U cookie at the harvest festival. Pretzel M&M. It was awesome! I'm jealous of your job!