Saturday, December 15, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Yum: AGB's Boston Cream Philmore

So tomorrow morning, there's a reason to roll out of bed early.... get thee to All Good Bakers! I know from experience if you don't get moving early  that you miss out on super special stuff like this because they go like hot cakes. Are you ready for it because it totally stopped me in my tracks....
Boston Cream Filled, Ganash Topped "Philmore's" (stuffed croissant dough, made w/ our own butter, Meadowbrook milk & North Country Farms stoneground white) on deck for tomorrow!

So after you've satiated yourself on baked deliciousness, pick up an extra baguette and then head next door to Eric Paul's shop, The Cheese Traveler and browse his beautiful cheeses. Pick a couple, add some marcona almonds, some fresh fruit, a beautiful wine and you're all set for your Sunday dinner !

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