Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summertime Whirlwind

So let me apologize for not posting in a bit. Summertime in the Capital Region is super fun, but it is also insanely busy for those of us in the event world...and while I have re-defined busy I have had an amazing summer thus far...hope you all have too!

So this is basically how my summer went down...first there was the staycation at Ledgemoor, then there was the Ronald McDonald House Golf Tournament, then Hop Chef Albany, then the Friendship Community Garden Chef event, then there were the teaching weeks of French Classics & Italian Classics at Different Drummer's Kitchen, and then there was Yono's Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament, and then there was the NYC/ Hamptons Foodtastic Adventure, and then  there was Belgium Comes to Cooperstown and the Hop Chef Grande Finale in Cooperstown, and then Chef Teddy's Ommegang for Allegash Dinner in DC book-ended with meetings in NYC.  Next up going to Wildwood on family vacation for the next week before wrapping up the summer with International Cooking Camp at Different Drummer's Kitchen.

Sandwich that all in with a bunch of board meetings, growing my business and being super mom and you can see why I've been a little bit of a slacker about posting....but I've been taking copious notes and tons of pictures so get ready, put on your seat-belts because I'm back!

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