Monday, August 20, 2012

Drink: Ommegash it's Allegang!

Celebrating DC Beer Week at Dr.Granville Moore's with Chef Teddy Folkman

I have to admit something... I'm in having an affair the likes of which I haven't done in quite some time. I have always loved wine. I am a wine drinker....and yes a scotch afficianado for sure. For me, the idea of having a beer with dinner would have been as likely as taking spaceship to the moon. But here I am, smack in the middle of wild romance with Craft Beer. 

So enthralled am I though, that I found myself travelling last week for just over ten hours to get to a beer dinner in DC ...and I am so thrilled that I did. What an awesome experience that was. The concept was Ommegang & Allegash beers paired side by side with each course of the dinner. Chef Teddy just knocked it out of the park with the dinner too..For real, you know what you're having a great dinner and some time in the midst of it you realize that you're just loving every single bite. That was this dinner. What's exciting to me too is that being such a beer novice I was learning a ton of stuff, which just turns me on in general. 

So beyond all that I have to tell you all about Granville Moore's. I love going to a place for the first time and feeling like it's been my place forever. Where the people are genuine, real people that are just about great food, great beer and having a great time. I love that while I was wearing a cocktail dress & pearls walking in to a room full of hipsters,  for some reason I fit right in too. I think that's the essence of the art hospitality, to make each person feel welcome, valued and comfortable. When I walked in Teddy said, "Welcome to my home!" and gave me a big hug...and that is what it feels like. Well done, my friend....thank you!

  First Course

  Second Course

 Third Course 

Main Course


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