Friday, July 6, 2012

Eat: New World Bistro Bar Summer Menu 

By the way, I totally had a food moment....

So I went to NWBB the other night because I kept hearing about the summer menu...and secondly because I've had a shift in the way I think about food, which is due to a number of factors but in part because of things that I've learned from Chefs like Ric, and I just love their approach. I'm always curious to see how people will re-invent themselves and what they are going to do that's new and innovative too. So there I was on a hot summer night, for real it was like 900 degrees out and there was not enough chenin blanc in the world to cool me down. 

Maui Poke of Sockeye Salmon
Chili Mayo, Seaweed
Ok so I was curious, I kept seeing on various postings and blogs that the Maui Poke was going to be made with Salmon instead of  Tuna because of the sustainability issues. Ok that's cool, I can dig it....and you know when something just keeps jumping out at you and before you know it you need to have it or it will drive you insane because you have to know what the big freakin deal is.....well that was the situation here. I know a lot of lead up for an appetizer, but this is why. IT BLEW MY MIND. I'm not talking like a little bit. I had a total food moment where I had a bite, had a moment and then had to glance around to see if anyone else noticed the moment, because I think I might have invoked God in more than one language. So yeah, it was perfection of balance and textures and heat and seasoning. It was so good, I wanted to share it with someone and sadly I was dining alone...but I felt the need to tell someone how freakin amazing it was. Oh my poor server (who was totally awesome) must have thought I was a nut job...hope he didn't notice my eyes roll back in my head a little....

Kale-Aloo Island Stew
So then I had a little bowl of the nightly feature Kale-aloo Island Stew. I don't know why but it spoke to me, just the thought of having something Island-y up here was cool to me. I knew it was going to have a little heat to it and that's really the best thing to eat on a hot day, so I was all over that. I thought it was seriously delish, just so unique and not what I expect when I eat in the Capital Region. It's interesting to me to have a dish like that after the first one, because they were in totally separate directions yet they completely worked together. 

Ambiance is awesome too, by the way!
My entree was the Columbian Style BBQ Shrimp which were totally awesome...but I have to say the roasted corn-jicima salad was out of control. It was so fresh and sweet, I just love when food tastes like what it is...when it's not contrived or over manipulated, and that's exactly what that was. The corn was the star is was simply sweet fresh local corn and everything balanced off of that. The black bean cake was a nice rich contrast too and worked so well with everything. I loved it, totally happy camper. 

So that was that, I had an amazing meal...topped it off with my favorite scotch and was joined by my good friend for a night cap. There are moments in life that are special and this meal was certainly one of them.

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  1. I tried out the new summer menu on Thursday - good stuff! I ended up splitting the clam special (paired with lardons and a sweet corn broth) and the sliders of the day with a friend Delicious! And we also had the casuela of warm olives.

    Also - I saw NWBB has a Rose Sancerre on their wine list. I've never seen that before (maybe I should be embarrassed by this). I think I'll be going down there again before the summer is over just to try that bottle :).

    Always impressed with Ric and co's work!