Monday, July 2, 2012

Eat: Brewery Ommegang's Hop Chef Competition  

Steve Barnes' Review  has lots of great pictures from the judges table. Check out the awesome shots and great descriptions of all the Chefs dishes.

B.A. Nilsson's  awesome review in Metroland about the Hop Chef Competition just came out. Check it out Here .

I have to say that what these Chefs did made me  incredibly proud to be a part of our Capital Region's culinary scene. Our Chefs just hit it out of the park on this one! But not only was it a great night for our Chefs, it was a great night for Albany. We had folks that are major players on our national food scene in town for the event, and they were just couldn't stop talking about Albany & the Capital Region as a place where exciting things were happening in the food scene. They went on to say that in contrast to larger markets where Chefs might be working more towards that celebrity status of having a show etc, that their  take on the Chefs here was that they were more about the creating and innovation in their food and also integrity ingredients. That's just pretty cool!

Great job Chefs Jaime Ortiz, Paul Ozimek, Ric Orlando, Brian Bowden, Marcus Guiliano, Rachel Mabb, Elliot Cunniff, and AJ Jayapal!

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