Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ALL GOOD BAKERS: One Year Anniversary at 540 Delaware, CONTEST!

Ok everyone, there is a contest on the All Good Bakers Website. Basically they want you to write a short essay about you "All Good Day" . I think it's awesome. And by the way, if you haven't gotten to visit them yet, what in god's green Earth are you waiting for?

Reason number 1: The Truffle Shuffle (just order it and thank me later)
Reason Number 2: The Cinnamon Bun (especially with apple butter)
Reason number 3: The Bialys ( ok hello, when was the last time you had a real bialy like you were in Brooklyn, I rest my case)
Reason Number 4: The flour comes from NYS grains, it's real, it's not over processed, it's beautiful, and has more nutritive value (if you need more info just ask)
Reason Number 5: Pain au Chocolate....do you know what I mean...like you've had the real deal in France and you just can't find it here in a way that doesn't reek of preservatives and un-natural BS, except of course if you went to Ce Ci Ce La in NYC, but alas we aren't in NYC...and this is the best place to get it and the rich dark chocolate that runs down the center is exactly what it should be
Reason Number 6: Britin's Butter....(shhhhsssh Britin makes butter, for real, by hand. To be honest, I only shared my butter with Donna Purnomo, because well...it's that good and I just couldn't give it up)
Reason Number 7: The Breakfast Sandwich...it's medicinal for certain (ahem) ailments and delicious
Reason Number 8: The Philmore...specifically the apple one. Love that one. Never had a philmore until I met Nick & Britin but I'm telling you those things are delish.
Reason Number 9: How much do you love their commitment to using local products, sustainable practices and helping the community. Good stuff in Good stuff out, it's an easy principle.
Reason Number 10: Nick & Britin...I met these two amazing people on the recommendation of a friend. I never would have thought that we would become such good friends. But this is the thing, they are awesome, warm welcoming and they care. Not just a little, they care huge about what they are doing and how it impacts not just the community, but the world. And then on top of it, they are just the nicest people.
So while I could go up to reason 110, I'm going to tell you this...if you haven't gone to All Good Bakers yet, just go, experience it and enjoy. I guarantee that you will make a few friends in the process and come out having had a tasty treat or three.

If you have been there, well then write about it and tell everyone how they made you have an "All Good Day"
ALL GOOD BAKERS: One Year Anniversary at 540 Delaware, CONTEST!: Happy Almost Spring Everybody!! March 21st is our one year anniversary at 540 Delaware Ave.! It hasn't been an easy first ...

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