Monday, February 4, 2013

Be Merry: The Charles F. Lucas Confectionary

I admit,  I have been sitting on this one for a while....but for good reason. I wanted to see what developed, how they settled in. I wanted to see how the energy would change from the first week through the first months. So here I am months late in the game of talking about the hottest thing to hit the social scene that I can remember, but I don't care because like a great love affair sometimes stories take time to develop. 

I'm going to share with you all a secret, something close to my heart. There's a moment, when I travel when I'm driving into New York when I let out my breath and I know that I am home. It's a split second on the GWB, the moment I pass the little sign that says, " Welcome to New York". That sign means home to me, it makes me smile. I t makes me remember who I am and life that I had. It is a moment, a twinkle and then it is gone but it is the memory that means a thousand things in an instant. So much of my life spent in New York, in beautiful places with glamorous people, perhaps whom I was one of. What I love about the City though is it's energy, it's vitality. I remember first setting feet on the cement in Manhattan and I could feel the energy like breath in my body. 

So I find myself, ten years displaced with a new home, that is an old home, and new life...and I walk into this little place in Troy and I am home. It is like being in the City, like being at my neighborhood place in SoHo yet with elements of Brooklyn. Every detail is so well thought out, the wine list is spectacular, the cheese is ridiculous, and the small plates divine. But this place is more than food and wine. It is and atmosphere that can not be's the energy of the City, it's the intangible electricity that makes this place great.  people are flocking to the Wine Bar or the Confectionery or whatever you want to call it it, it's the place to be and to be seen. 


I call it the Confectionery  by the way. I love the wine there, and believe me I've sampled plenty. I love the cheeses from the Cheese Traveler and the small plates from Tm Gates. But more than all that, I love the atmosphere, the welcome, the service and the environment. I love that every detail was made or chosen by Vic & Heather with care....which by the way, it shows. What an extraordinary place, a gem in our Capital Region. 


  1. Couldn't agree more! This is one of our new favorite places.