Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Yum!

Thanks to Chef Elliot Cunniff, of Creo Caters, for sending me these awesome pictures! And I so wish I was able to stop by to try last night, but alas on a mini-vacay for the next few days, but thanks for the invite!
Malpeque oysters pickled with dill, lavender, anise, and mustard seed.
Served with coconut milk marinated English cucumber cappelini.
Topped  with mujjol caviar

So Chefs if you make something amazing that you want to share with me or have me come try, do what Elliot did and text/email me! If it's something that sounds awesome to me, I'll post it here in Things That Make Me Go Yum!

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  1. Looking Good, Bavo Chef Elliot!